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Wilt's Septic Services

Raymond Huey, owner of Wilt’s Septic Service has been in business for over 41 years and has owned Wilt’s Septic Service since 1972. His staff is dedicated to their customers and considers each customer as a friend.

Services include tank cleaning and pumping, porta potty rentals, minor repairs and installation of pipes and lids. We work with our customers to schedule appointments for when it is convenient for them. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

814-742-8743 or 814-943-8232

Huey's Excavating

Raymond Huey, owner of Huey’s Excavating, has been in business since 1965. Raymond and his staff seek to provide their customers with quality workmanship and service.

We offer a wide variety of excavating services including excavation work, simple landscaping, truck hauling, and more! Call Huey’s Excavation today with any questions, concerns, or to schedule an appointment.

814-742-8743 or 814-943-8232

Ace Sanitary Service

Purchased by Wilt’s Septic owner, Raymond Huey, in 1972, Ace Sanitary Service offers the same great services and convenience as it’s sister company, Wilt’s Septic. 

814-742-8743 or 814-943-8232

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